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Related post: Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 08:49:55 EDT From: Subject: Reporter's free 70s porn movies veiw of IncestAll rights 16 yers hardcore reserved by Author Kevin canada amateur usc 2257 Kelly. You must be of legal age to read. comments may 34d breast nude be sent to give 90 porn your age. Friday's 5 PM at the Agora on rue Mackay and Rene Levesque in Montreal. Support this site to keep it up and cumin. a load in each chapter If in Montreal look barely 18 xxx me up. enjoy Kevin Kelly I was in my last year of journalist school I knew as We all did that by years end We would be required to turn in a series of stories of the investigative nature. I had been raking my brain knowing the my very standing in the class would depend on this last assignment. In "The dog eat dog" world of journalism Your class ranking was way up there. Followed by Your having to be movie star good looking. This applied 1 gal harbil mixer to male and Female in this trade. On the looks side I had little to worry about. I was hands down the best looking Guy in the group of 120 guy's and Girl's. At 6'5 200 pounds of lean chiseled muscle's and curly jet black hair. Perfect big white teeth. I had know the power my looks had over Women since i was little. I would see how the teachers seemed to pay more attention to me then 10 tits mpeg to a less good looking classmate and My classmates 12yr slut often pointed this out to me. Asking I act as the go between with them and the teachers. My name is Doug and at the time of this story I was a know it all 22 year old senior. 13-17 nude girls Ready to take on the world. Yet I knew that my love of Journalism if I was to be a generic levitra 32 success at it demanded more from me then just great looks and a hard tight muscular body. That might get me in the door but I would need genuine caring and interest in people. A sincere desire to help people and correct lives wrongs. I proudly held all this near and dear to my heart. I had the ability to put myself in other people's place and feel along with them. I amateur videos of 911 knew I would be the best TV journalist to ever hit the Air waves. I lived at Home with my dad and Brother Rick. Dad was then 43 and clearly Rick and I got our good looks from the combination of His French dark handsome looks and 270 cumshot Moms Irish back ground. After the Auto accident that took Mom Dad Rick and myself became even mmore close. We helped with the chores Joked around and keep interested in each other's lives. rick was younger by a year and then a 21 year old 18 homemade stuid. he had the red haired genes and was a real 14 nude african girls head turner as well. Dad had the French tall dark handsome looks a sexy hard well built male body. He'd been in the USA since He was 20 yet still had the charming French accent, Which only served to make Him more interesting. Rick was a year behind me is school We had been sharing a room since grade school when Dad had decided to turn the third Bedroom into a kind of Family room.As a blow up 23 Family we three Men joined together at the gym three times a week. At home Rick was always careful to keep modest in our room but at the gym He was proudly showing off His naked body. I found myself often secretly admiring his hard tight body and loved seeing his red pubic hairs such a contrast o my own black pubic hairs. During this one week I was called aside by one of my professors after a class. He had a Friend who was a New York Photo lay out man for a popular Magazine. This Friend had seen me and ask my professor if I would be interested in doing a shoot? To make a long story short in two weeks I found myself in New York. Having been introduced to producers and reporters which was all great for my career. Then I was in the studio doing the shoot. I was informed dbz 261 it would take a good 5 hours. I was PORN ANIMAL V9DEO to be given a check that day for no less then 5,000. So I was one happy camper. It was the photo Guy a make up Man and african slave trade 1860s an assistant in the room. The photo Man was Jeff and I knew after 2 12yo sexy girl minutes Jeff was Gay night24 as was the other two men but I had no qualms on that part. While not gay myself I sure had thoughts along that way. Women were no longer a challenge to me seducing a straight Male like say my Brother or even my Dad would have been the ultimate feather in my cap. That would require all my skills, looks and Irish blarney to win a male pussy I thought? Jeff had mp4 porn archive me in a suit then casual clothes then he was doing a lot of bare feet shots. Saying my feet were so masculine. The guys were getting their rocks off being able to 13-yo yuong porn touch me all over on the pretense of it was for the shoot. amateur 01 I just laughed it all off. All during this we talked about things and the subject of my 14 old japanese naked needed a project to vicky 9yo tgp do for my year end project came up. Jeff suggested an in depth study on incest ? At first the idea repulsed T8BE DOG SEX me then the more I thought the more I liked the idea. Being Gay he was able to give me some deeper ideas. Like my going to the gay bars meeting guy's getting their stories pro and con from them on incest. How they turned out 03102 tracy , How they dealt with it all. As we would shoot Jeff was sending the ruches ( Pictures ) to the front office. Word came back My shoots would be used the next month which meant another 20,00 for asian nue 6 me. Before I left Jeff asked me to think about doing some nudes for him? He'd be in touch. On the drive home with My Brother Rick I recounted the conversations running over the project out line to Him. I expected Rick to show some sort of discuss at the whole idea of incest? He turned in His seat and patted my leg as i drove saying." You know this coming Wednesday I free 13yo upskirt have a dinner date with Jill Long. On that date I will be laying out a good 100 bucks and not even a promise of some sex. Its only our fist date and bleach 144 release she has made that clear."I felt his hand staying on my knee and answered." Yea I know what You mean Buddy same here I 2 ballistic rubber panels am in between Girls now and I know before i sink my prick in a pussy again I'll be out a good 500 bucks."Rick squeezed my knee now saying. " It's crazy. I mean here we are two handsome good looking well built guys both with big monster cocks and we may as well be just going to a whore house. In the end we are paying for the pussy anyway."I said. " Your right there. Look this year I've got a lot of work to do and I really under12 bodybuilding don't have the time to mess around with a relationship. casey gauntlet 3 nude But I don't think a whore house is the answer?Rick's hand was slowly moving up my knee towards my crotch. He was now at the base of my balls only a assault part6 breath away nudist girl under 14 and I spread my leg to let Him know I wasn't objecting. He said just as his hand touched on my balls." Now if We were into incest with each other. We could save ourselves a lot of money and time. Think about it Doug? How perfect it would be? every night if we want. Hell our dicks don't care as long as they have a tight hole to fuck into."I just moaned as beaver 43 whetstone labs now his hand was fondling my hard 9 inch cock. My Brother the stud the hot ladies man was holding feeling my cock as if it were perfectly natural. Should I put a stop to this? just say I am not interested? I looked at him and He was also feeling his own cock 36c tit which I could see tenting out his jeans. I said." Ah unless You want to have this car in the gutter? I think we better hold off on this until we are home and in Our room?Rick smiled withdrew his hand and said." 146 nurse donation Then You'll get into it with me?I looked over at this handsome red haired HO4SE PORNO SEX TUBE guy My Brother. Knowing His body and how hung He was I said. " Yes, But We have to keep it from dad?Rick again smiled then clapped his hands saying. " This is perfect 1940s pinups Doug. We can fuck the whole night save big bucks and both get off. Look stop at the drug store before We get home so I can buy some lotion." Soon we 3pic nude were in the 12 inch meat porn family room ( 4-5 weeks pregnants My old room ) having a few porn mp4 format beers with Dad. I recounted all that had happened at the magazine and proudly showed him the Checks. He hugged me and then I told him about the idea Jeff had given me about doing stories on incest. At first I could tell by his handsome face he didn't think much of the idea. Then the more he thought the more he liked it. Agreeing funlumpkins 12yo it would be free bdsm enemas 1st an eye opener and hold interest. He made 40 thumbnails me promise to take Rick along on any gay bar excursions to 10yo naked be safe. He gave some good advice on gathering the facts and getting the gay guy's to open up to me. He suggested that Rick and I should pretend to be gay lovers in stead of Brothers.I was shocked when I heard Rick say. " Well maybe 18 and bulma sex Doug and I should just become gay lovers and not have to carry on a pretense?Dad xxx 12yr laughed saying to my further shock. " Well if Your doing incest We all three could be getting it on? Hell You guys are both over 18 now and legal. We are all women-less men who could just be helping each other out? have You guys ever really thought 72 inch womens underwear about that?I held my head down and said " Well we kind of 14 nude girls talked about it on the drive home Dad."Rick was brazenly adjusting his hard 20 inch porn cock in his jeans and saying. " Hell 5foot a frame swing we did more then talk about it Dad we agreed to do it and even stopped to buy some lotion to screw each other."Dad was shaking his head in a yes but nothing was lsm03 newsgroup 80 s bush porn said. Rick and I were looking at naked 14 yo twinks each other. Dad stood fetched three more beers and gave them to us then taking a swig He said." Well I would love to see 60s design sheers that kamilla 18 porn happening. Hell I take that back. Really I would love to join in. That is if You, guys are open to a three way incestuous night?All I remember after that is there was full agreement all around Gang bang 1 girl and lots of hugging and even a few tears of joy. We decided to do 'IT' up in nudist 13yo Dad's room He had some porno tapes to play on His bedroom TV. we were all a bundle of nerves. Now the talking was stick pivot 3 download over this was no longer theory but fact. I was in a cold sweat. I knew of course what Homosexual sex would entail. Oral and anal sex. I'd be expected to let both My dad and My Brother to fuck my up the ass? I'd seen their big dicks often in the gym while Sapphic erotica vid 3 never hard I knew they were major league cocks. I loved having my dick sucked But would I like having a dick in my own mouth? Could I take their cum loads? Dad became the director of Our first session that night with Rick an assistant Director and Me just going with the flow. Dad was talking non stop and i knew it was His way of hiding His own nervousness. We were taking off our shoes as Dad was going on about how we should relax just enjoy each others bodies and know that like the Female body the male body was a work of art. Dad got on the floor and held one each of Rick and my foots in his hand feeling admiring them then he shocked Us nepali sex 3gp both by in turn licking mine then Rick's bare foot and ankles. As Dad was pleasuring our bare feet Rick and I came into each others arms and my tongue was now in Rick's mouth exploring my Brother. Knowing him loving His body. Rick's hand pushed into my shirt feeling my hard nipples and pinching them. I joined in with Him feeling his smooth chest enjoying the feel of Rick's hard male nipples. We both stripped off our shirts and our hands were litlle foto 12yo all over eachother as we kissed and hugged. Feeling his tight smooth skin had me so hard and so loving what We three had Buy soma online 32 started. Dad was opening my pants then pulling out my cock and as he held and felt my big hairy balls he was sucking my 9 inch cock into his moist mouth licking amateurs 01 His tongue all around the rim of my flared cock helmet. he had Rick's pant open now too and I watched as did rick as Rick's thicker 8 1940 porn gasoline alley inch cock disappears into Our Fathers mouth and Dad was bobbing up and down on his girls12 and under photos cock. I said.Dad's mouth sure feels good don't it Rick? Rick rolled His bright blue eyes saying " Oh God I've never had head like this." He was feeding that big thick meat into Dad's mouth. I needed to get arm thumb 2 in on the action. I came up leaving Rick to enjoy His blow job. And got down under Dad opened his pants and out came his big thick cut 9 and a half inch prick. The thing was a pour work of art. Perfectly formed. So think and the helmet so 10 y.o boys sex very flared with a 40 tv sex portable drop of cum at the piss hole. I inhaled His musky male scent loving the promise it held. I took in the helmet as dad moaned 70 sexsluts on Rick's cock at the pleasure my mouth was giving him. His cock was wide i had to open gay 13 yo boy so much. Yet I at once knew I loved a cock in my mouth and was already hungry to taste Rick's big man meat as I sucked my Dad's hard 9.5. running my mouth up and down the thick shaft of the very cock which made me. Under girls 14 yr nude the cock licking eating at the sensitive skin under the helmet all to moans of pleasure from my Dad 14 old girls naked and moans of pleasure from Rick as Dad was eating his cock and bliss mature 3 balls.Rick called out. " bald 15 pussy Stop Dad, wait Dad I am about to cum. Wait Dad I want to get fucked bolsa chica zone 3 first."Dad and I both at once came off the cocks. Dad said." Ok Rick You go private magazine sex 59 first. Let Your big Brother fuck Your hole first."I was holding my cock now all 35 week gestation fetus 9 inches as Dad got Rick laying on His back on the bed. I was admiring Rick cut perfect rippled six pack his hops his red pubic bush his enormously thick cock. His handsome face was fixed on my cock. Smiling looking 70s vintage women clothing at the cock which would soon impale Him. Dad had a pillow under Rick's lower back and ass to position His perfectly. I looked at the small rosebud exposed to me wondering how it would ever stretch wide enough to take on my thick dick? I wondered 1 2 silicone tubing too how Dad and Rick could be so much in the know about all this stuff? Dad was now pulling me by my hard cock into position and I was now in between Rick's legs. Rick lifted His legs and 8th latinas margarita street put them on my shoulders. i kissed forst one then the other of Rick's feet. The man was about to cheerleading mixes mp3 give himself up to my pleasure. allow me to please myself and I hoped him. I was determined to be the best I could ever be. I had never fucked an ass, Male or Female but I knew a great new thrill awaited me. Dad was sending thrills all through me as he greased up my big dick and then Iwas holding my chloe 18 frr videos bare cock helmet and rubbing it all up and down Rick's crack barely pushing in as My cock hed past his center hole the I paused at the very center of His hole. He looked up to me and said. " Go ahead Bro. do it now. Give me that beautiful cock of Yours." I pushed forward and it was so tight I thought it just wouldn't work then I pushed harder and in popped my whole helmet. the rim feeling his pussy lips around it clinching and squeezing on my cock skin. I let out a breath and so did Rick as I fucked more of my thick 36 outlet strip hardwire bare dick into His rosebud male pussy in went more and more spreading Him causing Him to breath hidden16 bittorrent hard as he adjusted to my big meat. I asked him if He was field stripping 1911 kimber alright? He responded yes as he rubbed my arm. My whhole 9 inches were inside him and I bent down slowly stroking my cock in and out of Him thrilled with the tightness of His male pussy around the skin of my cock. thrilled with the feeling of power i now had. thrilled at loving my Brother. I bent and took his red head into my two hands as my big dick was fucking Him and He was pushing up into my cock wanting more and more of my Brother cock.I loved looking in rick's eyes Fuck mp3 his beautiful Blue eyes as he was taking my cock. I heard Dad saying " So how do You like it boy's?I said as I was now slamming my prick hard into Rick's hole. ' Oh Dad its tight real tight and this is the best fuck I've ever had."Rick moving on my big dick said. " Yea Dad I love it man. I love the way Doug is using his big meat in my pussy. Yea Oh Doug I hope You like it so much You'll always want to fuck my pussy?I was really slam dunking my raging hard dick into his raw pussy and loving Him so much I said. " Oh Rick Yea Bro. I will always want this male pussy every night . Yea ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck. AHHHHHHHHHHHH God here it comes."Rick was ready too and He screamed as my load was flowing into his hole. " Oh God Doug i love You man and now give me that hot man juice of Yours yea cream me hole stud."I was cuming inside Him and he was cuming all over his six pact ABS. I collapsed on top of Him thrilled in love and feeling so right. I let me cock grow 4 orgasms soft inside rick's tight hole until it came out on its own. I had my hands on each free 3 porn side of 13 y.o nude picks His face and now I kissed him pushing my tongue inside my Brother's mouth as my cock slipped out of His hole and released the pent up cum to fall out of Him onto his balls. At the ages of 22 and 21 we had at last committed incest. Wonderful 13-17 yo no nude incest. I knew this would be the norm from now on and I was thrilled. The night was young. We slipped on our bleach episode 4 english underwear to hit the family room bar 13 yo nude boys while Our balls all recharged with more loads of cum to share. We had a few more beers and a snack a new relationship had come our way and we were all excited by the booty talk 35 jas whole idea of this incest. Dad said how He would let rick return the favor of taking my cherry but that he would prep my new pussy by eating my hole.I decide 3 tails kyubi naruto to go on with a story by Free gay 18 the number of letters so if You want this one to continue let me know its all about Your pleasure. If ever in Montreal look me up dudes Kevin Kelly for a nude include your age.
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